The purpose of the Colarelli Family Foundation is:

  • To recognize ordinary people who live extraordinary lives.
  • To affirm the lives of those who, despite few personal advantages, poor social or economic environments, oppressive conditions, and/or other obstacles, realize their dreams for their family, their children, and their chosen communities through their commitment, personal sacrifice, dedicated effort, and profound faith and hope in a benign universe created by a personal, loving God.
  • To celebrate the example of those who persist with dignity, integrity, compassion, through a deeply-rooted conviction that they are called by their God to make a difference for others and to collaborate in the ongoing enterprise of creation.
  • And, in so doing, give witness to the bountiful Providence of God.

The Foundation shall accomplish this through the following activities:

  1. To identify individuals whose lives exemplify the purpose of the foundation.
  2. To recognize/name those individuals through awards, and to celebrate their achievements and the impact that they have had on the lives of others.
  3. To encourage and support their individual efforts through gifts, grants, etc., subject to guidelines established by the Directors of the Foundation. No grants or gifts shall be made to “disqualified persons.”
  4. To bring such individuals together to support each other, to have broader impact, and support any collective efforts that may emerge.
  5. To undertake fundraising to support these collective efforts.
  6. To undertake research that will further understanding of extraordinariness.
  7. To collaborate with and/or support other 510 ( c ) (3) organizations who, in their own way, support “extraordinariness.”