The Foundation looks for individuals who come from ordinary circumstances, but are able to distinguish themselves from their peers. Following is a listing of the four criteria the Board of Directors uses to evaluate a candidate’s appropriateness for receiving a Colarelli Family Foundation Award.
  1. The nominee must come from be ordinary circumstances. By this we mean that, compared to one’s peer or reference group, the individual has about the same financial, intellectual, physical, and educational resources to draw upon. Note that ordinariness is defined in reference to one’s peers, not to the general population. By this definition, many people can be defined as ordinary. Clergy, for example, might be considered, but should be considered in comparison to their peer group of other clergy. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to define the peer group of the nominee.
  2. The nominee must have achieved unusual impact in the lives of others. Has s/he been able to either a) realize his/her hopes for families, children, or other chosen communities or b)to aid others in realizing their own hopes? Note that impact is judged relative to what the candidate might be expected to achieve given his/her current place in life. Impact may be broadly felt by many people, or it may be focused on just a few individuals.
  3. The impact that the candidate has had must have been achieved via extraordinary means. The candidate must have broken out of the typical behaviors that would be expected given the social context in which they live. The candidate must have persisted in the face of adversity, made sacrifices, or otherwise demonstrated his/her dedication and deep commitment to his/her hopes or to the hopes of others. Adversity may be defined either as a difficult physical, psychological, or financial environment; or as risk in facing change.
  4. The candidate’s motivation must be based in a profound faith in a providential God. Is there a sense of being called to serve? It must be demonstrated that the candidate’s willingness to persist and take risk was because of his/her faith.